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Finally! A new shotacon game joins the community!
This long awaited project by Akiら has been watched by many since the first release of his trial version of Shogakkou no Hibi. Back then, the story left us on a cliff hanger, playing the role as a young boy who moved into a new town and making new friends with it's residents of every aspect from small and cute to sporty and manly.
This release which took roughly 2 years to complete has added many new scenes and story such as date specific events and even a side story called Space Sheriff Kai.
Just like a Japanese dating sim game or eroge, the game allows you to choose which character you would like to deepen relationships with through choices you make with every interaction. The game uses bars as 'experience' gained and once a bar is maxed out, it resets and gives you a star, representing one level up with the character you've been developing with.
You will be rewarded for levelling up with the character towards the end of spring with a boner giving scene depending on which character of which i'm not going to spoil for you.
Art style wise, characters are all original and have just the right amount of detail that makes you squeal whenever you see them.
Of course, all games are not perfect. What I would have hoped to see more of in coming versions are short animations of scenes that will cause more nose bleeding and sticky tissues instead of just text and imagination.
That being said, this game is sure worthy of being pinned and watched. Game makers like akiら can definitely benefit from the support of the community and I wish to see a more refined game comparable to the animation quality of the Boku no Pico series in the coming years.
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